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draperLAYERS has partnered with Landmeco provide complete equipment packages with unique and innovative high welfare solutions for the UK egg industry with the Breeder systems, Combo Aviary systems, Single Tier systems and Rearing Multitier systems.

The Aviary’s open design with staggered tiers, gives unrivalled freedom of movement in a way that no other system can, with full visibility & access to all tiers and nests. This design makes daily bird management, catching and clean out so much easier saving you time and cost  Coupled with draperVENT’s unrivalled climate control systems designed to give birds the fresh air and environment conditions they deserve, even with the pop-holes open, helping reduce emissions at source and environmental impact.

We provide complete and ongoing support and mentoring for all our products and services, helping you get the best possible bird performance with the least cost of production.

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We are committed to providing the best possible solutions for your farm; from first concept through design, planning, build and ongoing support, mentoring and training, with our dedicated team of highly experience team of specialists.

We are leaders in the poultry industry through our rigorous, thorough and innovative approach to all that we do at draperLAYERS, we use our extensive experience to develop systems for layers that are specifically suited to conditions that prevail in the UK. Our systems encourage your birds to reach their full genetic potential. We not only deliver the equipment, but will work with you to ensure that you learn to secure the best possible bird performance.

We offer training and continuous mentoring for our farmers working with them to attain the very best results. We understand the working day of our farmers, we have used this knowledge to create user-friendly practical systems, which are highly automated, with rugged durability, with support available 24/7. Our farmers join a community of success where all share in knowledge gained

Free range layers

AVIARY SYSTEMS COMBO The Combo is designed with staggered tiers, which ensures the birds optimum freedom of movement, both vertically and horizontally, in a way that no other system on the market can. With an easy to access centrally positioned nest The (...)

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Pullet Rearing

REARING MULTITIER SYSTEMS The system has been developed by LANDMECO in close cooperation with Danish producers based on many years’ experience in manufacturing equipment for the poultry sector and in rearing chickens, respectively. There is no doubt that Harmony rearing is a unique (...)

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Broiler breeders

BROILER BREEDER NESTS Our breeding nest is developed with particular focus on minimizing all potential shock impacts from the egg leaves the hen until it reaches the packing station. All contact points have been thoroughly tested with an electronic egg that measures (...)

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Ventilation and emissions

We are the UK’s foremost provider of ventilation, heating and state of the art control systems, providing the optimum climate for your birds in all seasons    draperLAYERS unique and uncompromising approach will give you the ability to keep your hens (...)

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House and flock management systems

HOUSE AND FLOCK MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Incorporating the revolutionary FORTICA Layer management computer with intuitive touchscreen display which will be fully customised by draperLAYERS to suit your houses. It is very similar to operate to the interface found on a smartphone or (...)

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Are you joining us?! Our very first set of draperLAYERS Broiler Breeder Project Open Days are taking place on the 20th, 21st, 22nd of November (...)

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The growth in the poultry sector has soared in recent years, with UK egg consumption continuing to rise, up 2% in the 12 months running (...)

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New Commercial Director at draperLAYERS New Commercial Director at draperLAYERS

As you may have heard (or seen), draperLAYERS Ltd was officially launched at the Pig and Poultry Fair last month, when we showcased our LANDMECO (...)

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